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About Us

   Jared started taking care of lawns in 1997 and always knew he loved the work.  Many of our customers may remember those days, as we have some that have known us since day one.  In 2001, he took the business (formerly American Lawn Care) on full-time and it has grown ever since.  Jared became state licensed as a Certified Turf & Ornamental Applicator in 2004.  He continues to update his knowledge with the classes and seminars hosted by the Department of Agriculture at OSU in Stillwater, OK.

     Camille signed on as Office Manager in 2002 with the famous words, "I do."  She keeps the office running smoothly with her friendly and professional demenor.  Camille takes every customer's needs to heart and strives to address every concern promptly.  She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2006 from Rogers State University in Claremore, OK. 

     Blake (4 yrs) and Dahlia (2 yrs) are an important part of the team as well.  They keep us smiling and running!  

    Blake loves "working" in the yard and riding in Daddy's truck whenever possible.  Some of you may have seen him out on the job with Daddy, as he is now a master weed puller.  Please don't be offended if he tells you "that looks terrible!  We need to lawn-scape that, Daddy!" - he has only the best intentions. :)  His only hope is to be on the crew everday!

Dahlia is her mother's daughter.  She always has a baby with her, along with a blanket, purse, phone, cup, and many other neccesities.  She tells the best "secrets," her favorite is to quitetly remind Jared that she is "Daddy's princess."  She loves coloring, swinging, helping in the kitchen, and hugging Daddy at the end of the day.  


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